Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Welcome to Super Raj Pop Man, my spinoff site from RajMan Reviews that will be exclusively devoted to the strange intersection of my mind where my lunatic fringe obsessions cross paths with popular culture.
This corner of the kitsch universe will exist as a repository of my pop cultural musings, rants, and raves that already have been posted at RajMan Reviews. Future entries will continue to appear there but will simultaneously be filtered here, where they will be with their kind.
Super Raj Pop Man will be unique in that where other such similar sites are concerned with recent news and other topics of timeliness, this one will be relatively free of temporal matters.
Everybody else is in the business of providing up-to-the-minute news and views. I’m the place you come to if you’re more interested in thoughtful, leisurely, and abstract rumination – if your interests remotely match mine, that is.
Sometimes what I talk about will be of obvious pop cultural impact, sometimes not so. In any event, everything I present here will have or have had some connection to and/or influence on pop culture, either now, or a few years, decades, or even eons ago (or yet).
If you end up here by accident, I hope it’s a happy accident and a worthwhile one – but definitely one you won’t soon forget.
Raj Manoharan

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